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Bullets overturn blaze in local derby at St James’ Park as crowd gets to grips with the bomb threat Read more

Bullets overturn blaze in local derby at St James’ Park as crowd gets to grips with the bomb threat Read more

“It can be very, very dangerous,” the man said. He described it as a “serious incident” but said it was still not 바카라사이트clear what might have caused the explosion. “I think something could have blown up and it’s only just happened now.”

Another man, who declined to give his name, said he saw at least eight large bangs and saw sparks fly in the air.

The fire chief said: “At about 3.30pm we received the most emergency call of the afternoon at the club where the incident happened. The initial response went to an area of the terrace just beyond the entrance. As soon as I arrived I saw the alarm go off and it quickly became clear that something had gone wrong. A massive crowd were gathered nearby, around 12,000 people, and as you can see on the video the crowd is quite a lot in number.

“At about 12:50pm we received a call that there were bomb threats which were reported to the police but we didn’t receive a call back until 11.30pm.” The spokesman confirmed that the club’s official Twitter account had been forced to delete a tweet from 11pm with the phrase “This must be the first time that we got a bomb threat at the stadium” – but said it would be “very soon” to clarify the nature of the threats.

The club declined to comment on the matter or on the alleged threat to its staff. “We are committed to providing the best possible environment for our fans to enjoy our fantastic football,” said a statement on its official website. “While we do not discuss the specific issues surrounding our games, we can confirm that on Saturday, 1바카라사이트0 January there were two serious events at St James’ Park.”

Police in Newcastle have been placed on high alert and more than 10,000 homesjarvees.com and businesses evacuated, including a number of shops, a petrol station and a cinema. In St James’ Park, which sits on a busy route through central Newcastle, the atmosphere is tense.

Police helicopter footage shows a police car in the driveway of a house where police officers are said to have set up their cordon. Another house in the middle of the street, which is close to the entrance to the ground, is also believed to be at risk of collapse.

Sami Ismail, a 21-year-old shopkeeper, said: “All the shops are closed. Ther