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Brumbies see off chiefs to open Super Rugby campaign

Brumbies see off chiefs to open Super Rugby campaign

Owen Franks has been named as New Zealand’s latest World Cup selection, as the rugby union squad prepares to open its campaign on the world’s largest stage at Wembley Stadium.

Crumbies fly-half Franks was selected as a possible replacement for long-serving fullback Scott Fardy for their second match at Wembley, as he looks to build on last season’s World Cup campaign.

Fran울산안마ks scored three tries and added a try as New Zealand won five-straight matches from 2010 to 2012.

In a side featuring five players from last season’s World Cup squad, Franks’ selection will be a big boost for the Crusaders’ World Cup hopes.

Crumbies director of rugby Paul Rowley said: “His selection reflects Owen’s efforts in helping his club earn a place in the World Cup.”

Franks was part of the Crusaders’ World Cup squad 2014

The 21-year-old plays the wing back position and is contracted until the end of 2018.

He signed from Auckland-based All Blacks training side the Crusaders this summer, where he was named the NZ rugby league’s best player.

After making a number of moves with Cronulla last year, Franks had a significant impact in his first full season playing for his 코인 카지노home club, playing all four games for the Crusaders last season.

A former All Black and Warriors Test player, Franks has also represented NZ twice at the Under-20 and Under-17 levels, as he joined the Crusaders full-time at the end of 2014.

Franks was selected as a possible replacement for Scott Fardy for their second match at Wembley. Crusaders coach Paul Rowley said the selection was a good one for the players

The Crusaders are currently chasing a fourth straight World Cup berth, after missing out on the 2009 tournament.

Franks and coach Crusaders coach Paul Rowley believe their strong start to the season has provided them with the opportunity to build on that season by winning their first four Super Rugby games, after going 16-0 at the end of last season.

While Crusaders fans would be delighted to see Franks move out on an extended stay abroad before returning home, it remains골목 to be seen whether the Crusaders will be able to keep hold of their former lock in December.

The Kiwi star, along with his teammates will face Argentina on Thursday at 8pm before continuing to the Maracana in Paris.

Partnership promises far north tourism boost

Partnership promises far north tourism boost

Ticketing for the 2015-16 season will be open to all Australian residents who are under 15 years old and live outside the CBD.

The inaugural Sydney-listed travel agency, TCL, is one of a number of travel agencies vying for the coveted Sydney Tourism Commission (STC) slot in the upcoming federal election.

The launch of TCL coincides with the launch of Sydney’s first ever ticketing website. Tickets range from $35 to $199 each (from May 5).

Sydney’s tourism department confirmed that it was in talks with TCL and could expand to the area if the opportunity arose.

According to TCL manager Sam Henson, the company is excited about the opportunities in Sydney due더나인카지노 to its “strong network of partners and partnerships”, such as Australia Post, ANZ, Kmart and Woolworths.

He said a number of events including the launch of the new Sydney Travel Bureau are planned for this year.

“We look forward to connecting with new audiences through events like Sway (Award & Recognition), Sydney’s first ever Sway award and the start of the 2017 Tourism Awards,” said TCL CEO, Mike Henson.

In recent months, travellers and locals have also had the chance to catch a glimpse of some the attractions which will be unveiled as part of the 2015-16 season’s development including:

The Great Barrier Reef

Furniture maker Frank Gehry’s Skylark Skyview. Photo: Peter Rae/The Australian

New South Wales

Nigel Calder’s Southbank, near the NSW Botanic Garden


Mount Panorama. Photo: David 카지노McNew


The iconic Wham Wham Gallery and its magnificent views of the city. Photo: Peter Rae/The Australian


An Old Bank of Australia, near Sunshine Coast


The new CBD railway, which will open for business early in the summer of 2014. Photo: David McNew

Mr Henson said the launch of TCL’s website had been a “natural” part of the company’s “branding and marketing process”.

“The new website will showcase the great attractions Sydney has to offer in a more accessible and user-friendly way and help people better understand the city they live in,” he said.

Mr Henson said the site was built through the efforts of hundreds of volunteer volunteers who, he 온라인 바카라sai

Pokemon go creators launch harry potter wizards unite game for Wii U

Pokemon go creators launch harry potter wizards unite game for Wii U

Microsoft will hold a live event at New York’s Times Square on Friday as part of its Windows 10 developer conference, where the company announced that it had teamed up with a publisher and other developers, including Nintendo.

The new Windows 10 game bundle is called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Game for Xbox One, for example. A total of five game titles are in the bundle, including Slytherin Guide to the Cursed Child, Slytherin Handbook to the Cursed Child, Harry Potter and the Lost Treasure of Hogwarts,공주안마 공주출장안마 and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

“The first game on the new bundle — ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Game for Xbox One,’ — launched today and we’re getting ready to host another live event next week where we can announce more titles and the content,” said Xbox general manager Mike Ybarra in a statement. “I know you’re excited to read about these great game experiences and we’re sure that you’re excited to help us develop the great games they’ll bring to your Xbox One and Windows 10! We will share more details soon, but I 넷마블 포커can tell you that the first game is on the way and everyone at Microsoft will be supporting it with exclusive content.”

The new Harry Potter game will be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10, Ybarra said, adding that the game will be released on Sept. 18 for PC and Sept. 23 for Xbox One.

The next Harry Potter adventure

“The game is on its way to release on Xbox One and Windows 10, and we are excited about its great experience,” Ybarra said.

The game, for example, features new gameplay and a new storyline and spells. The app will give players the opportunity to create their own adventures and experience in the game. The app will also include special events, including a Halloween Party with additional characters and a night at St. Mungo’s called “Curse of the Cauldron.”

According to Ybarra, Microsoft will also be working on new features for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Express, which will be a hub for sharing and tracking other players’ games, photos and news. Microsoft plans to work with other developers to exten카지노d Harry Potter: Hogwarts Express so that it could become even more popular among gamers by offering downloadable content, a feature which could make it even more enticing to more developers.

“Over the years, we’ve built a platform where we partner with creators, content creators and developers to expan

Bullets overturn blaze in local derby at St James’ Park as crowd gets to grips with the bomb threat Read more

Bullets overturn blaze in local derby at St James’ Park as crowd gets to grips with the bomb threat Read more

“It can be very, very dangerous,” the man said. He described it as a “serious incident” but said it was still not 바카라사이트clear what might have caused the explosion. “I think something could have blown up and it’s only just happened now.”

Another man, who declined to give his name, said he saw at least eight large bangs and saw sparks fly in the air.

The fire chief said: “At about 3.30pm we received the most emergency call of the afternoon at the club where the incident happened. The initial response went to an area of the terrace just beyond the entrance. As soon as I arrived I saw the alarm go off and it quickly became clear that something had gone wrong. A massive crowd were gathered nearby, around 12,000 people, and as you can see on the video the crowd is quite a lot in number.

“At about 12:50pm we received a call that there were bomb threats which were reported to the police but we didn’t receive a call back until 11.30pm.” The spokesman confirmed that the club’s official Twitter account had been forced to delete a tweet from 11pm with the phrase “This must be the first time that we got a bomb threat at the stadium” – but said it would be “very soon” to clarify the nature of the threats.

The club declined to comment on the matter or on the alleged threat to its staff. “We are committed to providing the best possible environment for our fans to enjoy our fantastic football,” said a statement on its official website. “While we do not discuss the specific issues surrounding our games, we can confirm that on Saturday, 1바카라사이트0 January there were two serious events at St James’ Park.”

Police in Newcastle have been placed on high alert and more than 10,000 homesjarvees.com and businesses evacuated, including a number of shops, a petrol station and a cinema. In St James’ Park, which sits on a busy route through central Newcastle, the atmosphere is tense.

Police helicopter footage shows a police car in the driveway of a house where police officers are said to have set up their cordon. Another house in the middle of the street, which is close to the entrance to the ground, is also believed to be at risk of collapse.

Sami Ismail, a 21-year-old shopkeeper, said: “All the shops are closed. Ther