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Greens accused of misleading community over royal hoarding

Greens accused of misleading community over royal hoarding

The Greens’ leader in the state Parliament, Gareth Hughes, has accused the Liberal Party of “lying” to local residents about the royal hoarding after a petition to put a royal stamp on the Greens’ candidate list was submitted to the electorate office in March 2014.

In the petition, dated March 10 last year, Greens candidate Andrew Jones stated: “I am concerned and angry that the Liberal Party chose to ignore the widespread demand to include a Royal stamp on the Greens’ candidate list.”

But the party has not responded to a request for an explanation. The document was only last year’s.

However, in October 2014, the Liberal Party confirmed that the party was investigating complaints about an individual, Andrew Jones, that had been rejected by the electorate office at the Gold Coast as being not genuine and could have been forged.

The party, and the Green Party in particular, have been accused of using fake petitions and other political means to mislead and malign the electorate in order to influenc우리 카지노e results by political parties.

The Greens in particular have been accused of using misleading tactics to try and increase the number of people that the party reaches, with candidates with the Greens in local government usually gaining the most votes in local elections.

The Greens, Greens councillor for the Gold Coast, and the Liberals did not respond to emails and a phone call seeking comment.

When contacted by Fairfax Media last night, Greens Leader Richard Di Natale said 울산출장샵he would ask the Electoral Commission if it “can do anything” to have the petition removed from the party’s ballot and would provide the information within a week if the commission decides it has no further interest in doing so.

“This will be of a private nature and I’ve asked if the Commission will loo룰렛k into it and if they can do anything to make sure that we don’t have any further use of that sort of stuff at the election,” he said.

Di Natale said he had “very little” knowledge of the issue, but he would take the opportunity given that he did not expect the Greens to challenge him in the local parliament elections.