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Soft cheese contamination under investigation in a U

Soft cheese contamin부천출장안마ation under investigation in a U.S. lab (and possibly other countries)블랙 잭_pesticide_industry_pest_methicillin_contamination_the_real_health_costs_of.html

2) If you think the number of “lots of studies” on the chemical, but you are unable to find them, please contact NaturalNews in writing and ask them to add them. This might prove that a chemical like Roundup was being used without the proper study, and therefore causing health problems and environmental problems that could not possibly be explained, by just reading and watching the science that exists.

If you are concerned and would like to have the results of an open, independent study done about the chemical, but are unable to find it and want to get involved in this, you can contact these organisations in writing at:

National Organic Standards Institute

US National Academy of Sciences (US National Academies is the US government agency responsible for the organic food laws)

National Research Council, which is a federal agency

2) A few of you have emailed NaturalNews to tell them that this problem is the main culprit for all of the pesticides they are selling, and that there should be an official “national recall” of all products manufactured in America since the chemical was found in nearly 100% of their products. This is very concerning to me, but so far, we have ignored the overwhelming amount of negative feedback from many other natural food products that we are aware of, such as raw milk (which they produce in the USA from organic sources), organic fruit and vegetables, coffee, fruit juice, honey, and even tea, to name only a few.

There is a petition we will try to run against this product, called:

If you will, please go to the website of that petition and help make sure that the public, not 강원출장마사지 강원안마only those interested in learning the truth about Roundup, but also those who work in the pesticide industry, understand that glyphosate, the herbicide found in Roundup, is not just a simple “byproduct.” This chemical has serious, long-lasting and deadly health effects that the chemical companies are only trying to hide with false claims such as “there were only a few studies looking at it.” That is wrong, and there is no real evidence to support such a long-term health and environmental effects of Roundup.

Here is the link to that petitio