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Lebanese army pushes on in bid to crush camp of Islamist militant group A month after suicide car bomb attack on Iraqi army

Lebanese army pushes on in bid to crush camp of Islamist militant group A month after suicide car bomb attack on Iraqi army

SANA – Lebanese army pushed on into jihadist camp near the besieged Al-Ayniya border crossing in the southern Beirut hills on Monday, hours after suicide car bomb attack on an army checkpoint.

The jihadists at the Al-Ayniya checkpoint, which overlooks the border, set off two explosive devices and two car bombs after their vehicle rammed through the checkpoint on Thursday killing 10 soldiers and wounding at least 40 others, the army said.

In a statement posted on its website, the army said, “The enemy attacked the Al-Ayniya checkpoint in a military compound on the outskirts of Jazan. The army’s intelligence unit observed two explosions in the area, killing 10 soldiers and wounding 35 others.”

Earlier in the day, the Lebanese army claimed it had killed at least 10 more militants of the extremist militant group Hezbollah following the terror attack near Jazan.

“It has been ascertained that terrorists belonging to Hezbollah fired four roadside bombs on the Lebanese army convoy (a truck) at the al-Wahidiyah checkpoiSM 카지노nt near the border with Syria at 11:35am.”

Lebanese military said the attackers were killed in combat when the car crashed into the army compound.

On the morning of October 21, three suicide bombers killed 13 Israeli troops in a drive-by shooting in the West Bank area of Ramallah.

The army said the attackers were driven to the Juma checkpoint south of Ramallah on th출장 마사지e Gaza border following a rocket attack at the border checkpoint.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah posted a picture of its leader Imad Mughniyeh saying that he was “happy and grateful for the army’s victory over ISIS.”

“Hamas, with the help of Israel, continues the same terrorist offensmassageive, while in the past, ISIS was able to strike our positions,” Mughniyeh said in a message posted on his Facebook page Sunday.

The Lebanon-based group said in its latest announcement that it was fighting “the enemy of Islam” in the Arab World.”

It had warned Sunday that it will soon launch its “final campaign” after the assassination of its top commander in Syria, in a surprise hit against Islamic State extremists.

Mughniyeh’s death came one day after suicide bomb attacks on security checkpoints in Al-Qubair and Maale Enum that targeted both Israeli soldiers and polic