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Funds sought for gippsland lakes tourism push

Funds sought for gippsland lakes tourism push

By Brian Lough and Jon Denton

LANSING — The Michigan chapter of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants to spend $1 million to expand its own tourism push, touting the area’s lake and river tourism potential and the state’s ability to capitalize on Lake Superior’s natural beauty, particularly in the region’s gippsland lakes.

On its Michigan website, chamber board member Richard P. Reimer says the Michigan branch of the chamber’s business group has a history of investing in other, related business opportunit바카라사이트ies through events such as the “Great Lakes Institute” and “Michigan’s State Craft Craft B카지노 사이트eer Festival.”

The Chamber of Commerce has been making an annual fundraising push to boost its presence in Michigan during the past two years, with over $90,000 donated for statewide events in 2013 and another $1.5 million raised in 2014, according to data compiled by the Chamber’s budget staff.

The group said it had collected $2.76 million by the end of June from private donors through its corporate-related business programs in recent years and expects another $1 million to go toward supporting corporate partnerships for business and the state’s economy in 2016, as it moves into its “Great Lakes Institute.”

The Michigan branch of the chamber’s Business Alliance for the Great Lakes, which also supports the chamber’s gippsland lake tourism efforts, didn’t return a request for comment.

According to its corporate-related fundraising reports, the Michigan branch of the chamber reported having $5.15 million in corporate grants during the calendar year that ended Sept. 30, with nearly all of that coming from a corporate partnership. The chamber’s $1 million will go toward creating events and activities in the regio우리카지노n that attract “major corporate partners, from companies with a significant presence in the region such as Pfizer or Microsoft or even local businesses.”

Reimer said he has met with Michigan officials to hear their plans for the $1 million and plan to discuss their plans for the more than 90-million-dollar total in fiscal year 2016-17.

The chamber said in a statement that it “encourages companies of all types to use Michigan as a business and economic engine as we work to expand economic opportunities in the state.”

Reimer said he would introduce Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, Senate President Mike Madigan, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Kevin Cotter and Senate Republican leader Jim Ananich at a press conference at the Lansing Chamber of Commerc