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Testosterone spray trialed in dementia study

Testosterone spray trialed in dementia study

A study involving 12 volunteers who ha구미안마d been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease found that a testosterone treatment compared to placebo could help people live more naturally while preventing the disease from progressing. The study, published online March 22 in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology, was conducted at the University of California, San Francisco. Lead researcher Dr. Steven Stiles of the Departmen바카라 게임t of Family Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, says they believe that using testosterone to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s is safe and does not have side effects.

“It’s one of those things 출장 안마that’s easy to ignore and I’m a little surprised how long it took to get there,” Stiles says.

The researchers found that using testosterone was highly successful at delaying disease progression. They found that in one part of the study, patients with Alzheimer’s disease who had taken testosterone for 20 years lived up to two more years and had an 80 percent reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

There are currently no effective treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease, but scientists believe it may take an even greater leap forward before we’re able to treat the disease. Stiles says the next step for the researchers is to figure out how to use a combination of testosterone and diet to help people living with the disease as they age. For example, Stiles said one suggestion would be a prescription-only treatment that uses testosterone to improve blood flow in the brain.

“That means your blood will pump more oxygen into the brain and you’ll see better cognitive functions in people as they age,” he says.

While the testosterone study was completed in the U.S., there have already been several others conducted in Canada, Ireland and Germany that tested the theory of using testosterone to help patients with Alzheimer’s disease to live longer. Stiles says that while it could take a couple years for that particular program to be funded and launched in Canada, he thinks his idea for a testosterone spray would be easier to fund in the U.S.

“We know that in the U.S., there’s an aging population and if this work in the U.S. is successful, then we could also see it applied to other forms of dementia and dementia treatment.”

Stiles says that although the testosterone and diet theory seems like a promising treatment, it might take longer than the 20 years it currently takes to improve blood flow in the brain in a U.S. person to really see its benefits. As Stiles notes, the first time testosterone really started to improve blood flo