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British students throat slit in italy

British students throat slit in italy.

Two students, aged 18 and 18, died after drinking wine at a hotel in the town of Ficina, Co Kildare, the Independent reported.

The bodies were discovered inside the Hotel Ficina in the village of La Trasteres, some 140 miles from Kildare, the Independent reporte바카라d.

On Tuesday, the University of Kildare told the Irish Daily that they were currently investigating the cause of the death.

“We are investigatin카지노 사이트g exactly what happened,” said the university.

Ficina is located in the county of Co Limerick, about 40 miles from the city of Kildare.

The hotel is used mostly by university students, according to the Independent.

The school says that only 150 people are allowed to stay at the hotel each d바카라ay.