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Riverland lower lakes miss out on drought tour, drought expert says

Riverland lower lakes miss out on drought tour, drought expert says. (Associated Press)


“Wolves: Life in ‘The Walking Dead.'” Netflix’s new horror series follows the survivors of a deadly outbreak to a deserted New Mexico desert ranch. In the wake of a deadly outbreak — which includes a wolf — the men, women and animals of “The Walking Dead” try to find a way to contain the threat and get back to the town of Sterling, New Mexico, as well as to their families and friends. (The Washington Post)

The “The Walking Dead” producers aren’t planning on the zombie virus going to war with the Walking Dead. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The first episode of “The Walking Dead” is released this week. As the season kicks off, how long will it take to get the zombie-ridden walkers back on the farm? (

The “Star Trek: Discovery” cast discusses the “Star Trek: Discovery” experience. (The Hollywood Reporter)


“The Gifted” and Disney’s animated “The Little Mermaid” take to the road again. (NY Times)

“Saturday Night Live” opens with a tribute to Ronald Reagan예스카지노 with Jimmy Fallon.

On his upcoming “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore,” Jimmy Fallon opens up about the challenges of being president. (The H바카라사이트ollywood Reporter)

Weddings and events are being canceled in honor of this summer’s holiday. (바카라사이트Vox)

Crazy-making stories and weirdness from around the web. (USA Today)


“Game of Thrones” cast reveals its plans for the next four seasons. (USA Today)

Cable’s “Moonshine High” airs its final hour of its season. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“The L Word” is the top cable entertainment show on TBS. (Time Warner Cable)


“Glee” star Chris Pratt drops hints about what he’s most looking forward to in “Doctor Who,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” “The Flash,” “Person of Interest” and others. (Entertainment Weekly)

This week, CNN’s Chris Cuomo looks ahead to the next phase of the Trump administration. (CNN)

Friday night: a new musical for HBO.


New York’s “All The Way Up” returns wit