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Fiji sugar workers vote to strike over pay and conditions (WSJ, 6/23/15)

Fiji sugar workers vote to strike over pay and conditions (WSJ, 6/23/15)

Egypt’s economy: The government has declared the economy to be on track to miss its target by 10 percentage points, but it still faces the most serious economic crisis since it became independent in 1970. The Internat바카라ional Monetary Fund expects growth this year to be only 2.6 percent, slightly below expectations of about 7.8 percent. Inflation is forecast to double from 7 percent this year to around 25 percent next year and is expected to have climbed further. (Reuters, 6/25/15)

Iran: The government has announced the release of 500 more prisoners, but the release was suspended following protests against the government’s decision to release at least 2,000 people from prison during the last month. President Mohammad Khatami ordered the government to suspend the release of all prisoners but has not said when it will be lifted. (BBC, 6/28/15)

Iraq: U.S. military support for Iraqi forces battling the Islamic State (also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh) caused thousands to flee across Iraq’s border, prompting concerns about the number of refugees heading for neighboring countries. More than 1,200 Iraqi refugees who had crossed into Jordan have been rescued since June, an additional 200 on Thursday and some 200 people expected to be rescued in the coming days, the United Nations refugee agency said.

Iraqi civilians are being hit especially hard by the violence, said UNHCR spokesman David Fleming, who says Iraqi communities are unable to cope with the displacement. (AP, 6/29/15)

Iran: Iraqi officials said on Tuesday the Islamic Republic plans to deploy the country’s top nuclear scientist to Tehran next year for talks that could include his dismissal as Iran’s nuclear weapons chief. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the issue will be discussed at Tehran’s May 24 session of the UN General Assembly but that it will not interfere with the Iranian delegation’s participation. (AFP, 7/3/15)

Ukraine: Ukraine’s parliament rejected a bill that would have strengthened Ukrainian laws on “political prisoners” before they go to a referendum set for January or February, the Kyiv Post reported on Tuesday. The bill, which would have opened up cases of torture and related crimes to torture testimony by “political prisonjarvees.comers” could be considered in parliament by March. (Reuters, 7/3/15)

Saudi Ar바카라사이트abia: The Saudi King Salman announced on Friday that he would step down next year following a decade of conservativ