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Govt urged to expand water saving plan

Govt urged to expand water saving plan

The Ministry of Water Resources today issued a fresh request to the States to set up national water saving programs, and urge the Centre to take up this request and to consider the suggestions in this report, on the ground that their implementation would be a significant contribution to the National Action Plan of Water Savings.

Reaching out to all States

The State governments have to make efforts to make a significant contribution to the National Action Plan to set up water saving programs. These efforts would include increasing efficiency, cost recovery and efficiency savings in the provision of water and sanitation facilities and irrigation systems as well as reducing non-water wastage. These efforts will help reduce the wastage that takes place by encoura카지노사이트ging the reduction of water use from sources other than water sources.

The government should also develop programs for reducing the non-water wastage at water distribution and supply agencies, reducing non-water wastage in the distribution sector, setting up of conservation efforts, developing non-water waste and wastage detection systems, and encouraging the introduction of new technologies at water supply points, particularly in the cities.

In this regard, the State governments should take on the responsibility of reducing the wastage from these sources and should encourage the use of alternatives.

States in need

A major challenge faced by the States is the inability to raise investment and improve quality of services in the areas of water distribution, water sanitation and hygiene facilities, water quality monitoring, and public water supply and supply systems. These needs must be addressed and taken into account in their planning.

To meet the needs of the affected and vulnerable groups, the Centre should be assisted by state governments. For e퍼스트카지노xample, States may benefit from the recommendations, developed by the government of Karnataka, that the water supply from the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers should be divided among several of the State governments, with allocation of some of this water to be shared among them.

State leaders must take steps to increase the visibility of initiatives to make use of groundwater for agricultural purposes in the State and to improve the awareness of residents of the state about the importance of groundwater for agricultural purposes.

Further, State governments should ensure adequate supply of water in their areas by promoting the use of green energy through electricity production and conservation systems and, where appropriate, by investing in irrigation systems.

In the current economic climate, some 강남출장안마 강남출장샵States, with considerable revenue potential, might not have the resources to take up these initiatives. But State governments should take steps to take advantage of the potential o