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Polish protesters block dutch abortion ship in dutch parliament, December 17, 2014

Polish protesters block dutch abortion ship in dutch parliament, December 17, 2014. REUTERS/Jan Janssen

The protest against Dutch legislation came after several abortion-rights activists and politicians from the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), the largest in parliament, held an emergency meeting to seek support from their supporters for legislation which aims to criminalize abortion.

The bill is due to go to parliament next week for debate.

“I want the government to repeal the law, the criminalization of abortion and give women the freedom to make their own decisions,” Cecilia Malmström, a senior member of the CSU parliamentary group, told EUobserver.

The proposed law is a response to the European Court of Human Rights ruling in 2005, which ruled that the Netherlands should have a ban on abortions taken into account in deciding whether the procedure was medically necessary.

“The Court says that the law would violate the right to life,” the CSU legislator said.

The ruling also said that even where the procedure was permitted by the women who initiated the procedure, if it was later performed there should be an obligation to make the women aware of the decision, and they should receive medical assistance for any problems that arise from it.

In the court ruling, which followed a similar decision from인터넷 카지노 a European Court of Human Rights, the Dutch Court of Justice said that an abortion could become legal and live in a woman’s body only if she had informed her health services provider of her wish not to carry out the pr영천출장마사지ocedure and had provided “full consent” for the operation.

A second law passed in February aimed to impose harsher penalties on those who performed abortions, which were still not co넷마블 포커vered by public health insurance or social assistance.