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Stanhope rejects greens animal welfare reform and environmental protection laws

Stanhope rejects greens animal welfare reform and environmental protection laws. (Photo: File/The News Journal)Buy Photo

GREENVILLE — The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group’s David Greenberg argues that the state’s legislature should move ahead with a proposal to limit what animals can be sold on campus to “nonhuman” animals.

“We have a lot of work to do” in that direction, the Wisconsin Institute for온라인 카지노 추천 Law and Economics professor, who has been leading an effort to reduce animal suffering at UW, told The News Journal over coffee Thursday in his student apartment.

“Our goal is to reduce suffering in the animals that we sell, and we believe people want to purchase them — they want to live for their next meal,” he said.

His effort to persuade students to consider the measure has included presentations to several hundred UW students and faculty on campus, and the Wisconsin chapter of Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, along with dozens of student groups and an online survey, according to the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Economics.

The group sponsored an online petition drive, urging UW students to sign, as well as letters and emails to various state legislators, calling on them to consider this bill at the June 21 special session. It received thousands of signatures, and the measure has passed the UW Senate and House.

It now goes to the Senate as Senate Joint Resolution 13-110.

The “No Harm” campaign, aimed at making Wisconsin “a good model for the country,” was inspired by a recent study that showed that eating animals causes more suffering than buying them from an animal farmer in Iowa. (Read it here.)

“There has to be some비트 코인 카지노 way of dealing with animals that are suffering from abuse and neglect that isn’t just cosmetic — that’s going to be harmful to them physically, psychologically and socially, too,” said Greenberg, who has been writing to legislators since 2006.

In a response to The News Journal, UW Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Director of Animal Welfare Scott Thompson, said in an email that the proposal seeks to remove an unnecessary barrier to purchasing animals. It would allow UW to purchase animals without having to be approved by its animal welfare unit.

“This proposal does not address animal welfare at all. It would allow UW to purchase animals without the animal welfare approval process,” said their letter to The News Journal. “UW would remain commit더나인카지노ted to animal welfare principles, but would not get involved in the process.”

The UW Senate committee overseeing the legislation, which is scheduled to hold a full hearin