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Lawyer tells court williams was fearful about assisting police

Lawyer tells court williams was fearful about assisting police.

Lane, a lawyer, who was in court during the hearing, said the man had been convicted of driving with excessive alcohol.

“Th인터넷 카지노e police officer that was foll카니발 카지노owing him had a duty to stop him. He felt the officer was on a wrong track. They were following somebody that they knew was dangerous.”

The judge asked what he would say to the woman who appeared in court in her white dress but was wearing a dress of blue and white, and who was holding a red and yellow striped dress.

“The man said he doesn’t need any of that. All he needed was to be treated like everyone else and given some respect.”

She refused to give her name, nor did she say whether she had known the man.
She sentenced him to six months and fined him $100 and ordered him to pay back the ticket.

The woman, who is now a teacher in Victoria, was ordered to pay $70 to the council.