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Sixteen killed in us helicopter crash in kuwait’

Sixteen killed in us helicopter crash in kuwait’

A KUAWEK air accident investigation report was produced after the helicopter crashed into the town of Kuleia last Wednesday, killing the 17 passengers and the crew. One man, 24-year-old Mohammed al-Yaqoub was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of alcohol, and two others had been charged with negligent operation of an aircraft.

Police seized more than 1.5 tonnes of booze as a possible cause for the crash.

“Th33 카지노e main cause of the accident was due to its exces파라오 카지노sive speed,” said chief inspector Mohammad Ahmad Qadri, referring to the helicopter carrying 16 people, most of them locals, to the nearby airport, which also happens to be the site of a KUWAIT state university.

The helicopter carrying 16 people was brought down by a gust of wind during takeoff, with 15 injured passengers reportedly dragged into the air. Some of the people were thrown from the aircraft. According to a report by KUWAIT state television, two men jumped from the helicopter as it went down.

“The report said that some of the people [that were] injured were thrown from the aircraft [but] the incident is under investigation,” a police source told Al Jazeera.

According to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), a crew of six had been travelling to the airport from the nearby city of Kefu when they noticed there was heavy fog at the moment it took off. According to reports, the pilot had not switched to the tail rotor as it had been doing for a while, and instead he used his left hand to move the controls to turn the helicopter upside down.

“According to our [reliable] sources, the crew did not have any prior experience or knowledge of flying the helicopter, so when they got a bad taste of life they threw out the tail rotor,” KUWAIT state media quoted the helicopter pilot as saying.

“Unfortunately, a gust of wind came in contact with the tail rotor and the pilots started to throw out the control mechanisms. One guy jumped from the he공주출장샵licopter and was not on the flight deck, but the other man landed the helicopter on its side and got thrown from the helicopter. He landed on the ground nearby and collapsed there.”

According to a report in local press, the 17 passengers and the co-pilot were taken to hospital and were reported to be in stable condition. Two people were arrested.

The AAIB has ruled out foul play i