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Auditor general criticises roll out of clinical health computer program

Auditor general criticises roll out of clinical health computer program


The Australian auditor general has revealed rolling out of a new computer program to make Australians’ health records more accurate is causing delays.

Key points: Australian auditor general says new program can be delayed after pilot

Government wants audit to be thorough, but “very large scale”

Dr David Ewins says “very large scale” need to be identified

The Commonwealth has made the $1.3 billion health information system for all Australians available for the first time, but the government says the system is only 우리카지노intended to be run for a short time.

In a report released on Wednesday, Auditor General David Ewins said that while the program is technically possible, a very large scale audit was needed and that it could take several years to complete.

The review was prompted by reports of software errors in the health data system, one of which affected more than 500,000 health records in just a few weeks.

“We will now examine the data used in this syste더킹카지노m and the need to make sure that the information we provide is accurate,” Health Minister Sussan Ley said in a statement.

The Health Minister said the department plans to review information technology systems in the coming months.

The audit said the data was stored as a text file and there was only one standard view available for use in the system.

“In my view that’s a very big issue that’s really coming to the fore with the audit,” Australian Health Foundation chief executive Dr Tim Scott said.

“There is no system in this country that can ensure you’re making sure that you know what you’re looking for.”

He said the system could allow hospitals, doctors, dentists and pharmacists to make better use of their time, because there would be better quality and accuracy of information and they could access it on demand.

“If they need to check someone’s blood pressure, that’s easy for them, but if they need to do an MRI, that’s something you need to wait a very long time to do, and it doesn’t have a standaapronxrd view available to people in Australia for easy access,” Dr Scott said.

The study also found there was a need for more training for Australians about this information, and that many Australian residents had never heard of this data, and could often not relate to it.

It said there was a general belief that access to and processing of the data could be achieved with a simple computer, and even if thi