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Germany votes to legalise same sex marriage

Germany votes to legalise same sex marriage

Equality activists have taken to social media to show how often they’ve been attacked at the polls for speaking out against the homophobic nature of gay marriage.

In a piece titled ‘Shoot me with a gun, I’ll write about your vote’, a transgender woman was attacxo 카지노ked with a gun on election day in the UK.

As she left a polling station in Glasgow, the journalist who posted the piece, the ‘I Am A Blogger’ said: ‘As a journalist, you just don’t 모나코 카지노let any of this crap get in the way of your job… I will shoot you with a firearm at the polls, that’s what I’ll do.’

Video of the incident, which can be seen in full below:

Shoot me with a gun I’ll write about your vote at the polls in Glasgow우리카지노fJT5rQT — iamamane (@amamane) June 13, 2016

The post has been shared nearly 1,100 times. In response, the journalist who wrote the piece says she plans to take the gun to her next job as soon as possible.

One commenter on her Facebook post, called David, tweeted: ‘Well the ‘I’m a blogger’ is a pretty effective campaign. We know how important our votes are to those politicians who will make this happen.’

Another user, Michelle, wrote: ‘I’m not going to be offended by this if we’re in the right place.

‘At the very least the police should look into whether it’s an act of terrorism… It’s so far over the line.’

This year saw the publication of The Right to Be Forgotten in the UK.

The group says it’s intended to promote “the right to be forgotten” by encouraging people to give up their personal information to help prevent people from being targeted on the internet.

The law has been changed to protect those who wish to help the campaign, although it remains unclear how much effect the law will have on some of those who attempt to make use of this provision.

The Conservative party recently changed its website to remove the slogan ‘Equality: Never Forget’, after voters objected to it using the phrase in the party’s 2015 general election manifesto.

In response, the official online description of the Conservative party site said: “We are a party of the nation that stands for strong and fair laws that protect the British people from abuse and interference from al