Worker jumps into the path of stolen ute

Worker jumps into the path of stolen ute

Police chase truck after it pulls off red light and runs stop sign

Authorities found two children in the backseat and the driver of the truck

The driver of the ute shot killed at least three dogs, including one that died from exposure, officials said Monday morning.

Authorities say they believe the truck was stolen from a parking lot in New York City just before 9 a.m.

When they found the pickup a mile from the intersection of State Street and Long Island Expressway, officials said, they did not know who the driver was.

“The driver, if he was involved in the crime and was shot, we didn’t know because we don’t have enough information,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said at a news conference. “He did get away with the children.”

A police spokesman confirmed that two girls died and a 4-year-old was injured in the accident.

Police responded to the crash in the intersection of State Stre더킹카지노et and Long Island Expressway in Queens after reports of a pickup running a stop sign, authorities said.

The first stop sign, at the intersection of Broadway and State Avenue, turned into a yellow-orange traffic light when the pickup went into oncoming traffic heading eastbound on th우리카지노e expressway. A light turned green when police noticed the pickup ran into a tractor-trailer and struck it just as the truck was about to turn right onto South Bay Avenue.

A witness told CBS 2 News that the truck driver told them he had run into a traffic light a few times before. It turned green when he entered the intersection on that stretch, so the truck ran into the truck with its doors open, he said.