Monthly Archives: November 2019

Dear Kitty

There’s a few things I don’t do as much of as I know I should be doing, regularly writing for example. This thought comes back mainly at moments when I’m thinking about various things, and the question strikes: “would I be able to actually make a coherent article out of this idea I currently have?”.

Turns out it’s not always easy. But that’s actually the purpose I see in writing: forcing the thoughts through the test of beating them into actual text forces them to take shape, structure, and allows their holes and other shortcomings to become readily apparent, for my own benefit.

While this would work with a private journal the public blog has the added advantage of a second kiss-cool effect. Namely the comments of others who will agree, or point and laugh at my sorry ass when review of assumptions or other head-fixing is in order (and who better than the Republic to point and laugh?!).

In addition to the thought structuring, and feedback benefits, one also ideally ends up with time-saving material. Pretty much in the same way documenting one’s work leads to massive time savings when the intern asks the same question for the Nth time (or the Nth intern asks the question for the first time, works many ways!).

Not exactly original revolutionary ideas, quite the platitude actually, but one’s gotta (re!)start somewhere, and see where that goes!