So long Paymium!

As of tuesday the 29th of March I do not work for Paymium anymore, and remain only a shareholder with no control over the operations.

This statement is made to give interested parties the opportunity to make their own determinations regarding their continued or planned involvement with Paymium.

I will remain involved in Bitcoin, as I have been since 2010, when I built the product Paymium operates today.

As an other consequence, any further X.EUR deliveries will be made by SEPA wire.

4 thoughts on “So long Paymium!

  1. brendafdez

    “He went on to state Bitcoin businesses need to take responsibility in preventing Venture Capitalists from hijacking the company from its principles for the sake of fiat delusions:

    «The funding doesn’t change our principles as a company, or those I hold for myself. If at some point I step down as the CTO, that’ll mean they will have started to contradict each other.»”

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