BitBet proposed settlement transaction

As promised after the successful sale of the BitBet assets and after the correct reception of the rest of the cash, the final settlement transaction is being put on display as an opportunity for the public to voice any complaints or concerns.

If no valid points are raised that would require modifications by Wednesday the 20th of April the transaction will be signed, broadcast, and the BitBet receivership will be considered closed.

Please not that amounts going to identical addresses are aggregated, the amounts owed to Mircea Popescu have already been deducted.

As usual, questions and comments are welcome.

Second version of the raw transaction.

The raw transaction.

Hash: SHA1

TXID of the the second version of the unsigned BitBet receivership final
settlement transaction being put on public display today.


Version: GnuPG v1


26 thoughts on “BitBet proposed settlement transaction

  1. massiro

    i have read through the settlement_transaction.txt and found a small mistake.
    1DavouTAsveznCFHsz688xvbrRAq4u2qm8:13.38000001 (correct one is 13.37000000)
    mr. davout’s receivership fee is supposed to be 13.37 BTC
    0.01000001 tx fee is mistakingly absorbed to mr. davout’s fee, i think.

    1. David FRANCOIS Post author

      Thank you for pointing this out.
      The transaction and its matching signed statement have been corrected accordingly.

  2. Nmae

    How to get massiro txt from raw transaction?

    I have tryed
    bitcoin-cli decoderawtransaction `cat settlement_transaction_2.txt`

    it is not full

      1. Nmae

        ok, my mistake

        What is the fee?
        975.38206365-975.37206364 = 0.01 btc ?

        What is the size of transaction?
        35 kbyte?

  3. kakobrekla

    So far neither davout nor anyone else managed to come up with any proof to show that certain bitbet liabilities have in fact not been already settled. On the other hand the evidence of complete payments and therefore bitbets liabilities towards that certain addresses is available to anyone with a copy of the bitcoin blockchain. Below is the list of addresses and overpaid amounts according to the latest final settlement transaction with hash ab1e4c34b1108c5e8d7285ff8761ab8a2768b2263bab894a695c3f693521c3fb.

    1D1jMVvtskv5RX8YcmwtgXyeRHDizaoohb, 0.1
    176mTDHuGYoyPidjCkQQG8V6zSK3CrTKA2, 0.11908936
    1LVVDPnvdSSdDJuyQnd9QJVGZ54rqAxU52, 0.02842624
    1DNQnJUDLTDjm4UCtsNdSenospAANPsF2i, 11.15522842
    14wqgUXyHpuzyuwfYssfeLuL1YtZpeVkcR, 0.01189438
    19gYdzkfeBiaUseTZVpga9F81fz1Si2Wez, 0.55793078
    18cAYS4jY59QXv4Sp9EpDLpbgyB7LRbCFe, 1.03444544
    1Fg8GQBDrHyzCFdkLaSQtCckpeW5cZ2Sa, 0.20583621
    1P9uqDHbrtixTguM51VJpdFerMmV2mPzfK, 0.76061865

    Sum total of 13.97346948.

    Unfortunately my guess on why this financial mismanagement is being made deliberately is as good as Stan’s. On the fortunate side, there is still time to correct the miscalculation.

  4. Mircea Popescu

    You don’t get credit for how I “misspent” the portion of Bitbet money that you decided to pretend came out of my own pocket.

    Get the fuck lost with the low effort concern trolling.

    1. kakobrekla

      I would be happy not to ‘credit’ for your inability handling btc payments as soon as you sign a statement with the outputs contained in both JB bet payments, showing mathematically that you were actually that inept. Until then there no evidence to support that those btc were sent by you.

      1. Name

        1DNQ has received 11.55 btc two times in the bet

        1DNQ is the main receiver in that bet.

        1. Name

          my mistake, sorry

          Ok, As you wish.
          1DNQ is not my address and I am not paying to this address

          Make the transaction as soon as possible. Apr 20 today. Two months of delaying!

      2. Sacral Plexus

        It does some odd to unfairly enrich the recipients of the double payout (MP’s idea of charity work?).

        Not that I really care so long as I’m made good, however.

  5. Gojko

    Thanks everybody for having managed this issue in the best way possible… something pretty rare to see in these (still) early days of Bitcoin.

    Good luck everybody. Hope you will manage to make Bitbet up and running soon.

  6. Gord

    This worked out well for me. Felt like I was on the losing side of a couple bets and happy to be refunded 100%


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