I knew I was getting one of the kittens

I’ve had that before and I know how to cope with it. It’s just me and him in the ring. No one can help him. A young student who happened to be walking home, didn’t smash a shop window, didn’t even enter a shop, had never been in any trouble before, he was thirsty and saw a bottle of water lying on the ground where someone else had dropped it, he picked it up, was caught on CCTV and received a prison sentence. Two young lads tried to encourage people, via facebook, to meet up and loot some shops. They were like the kids at school that no one plays with trying to do something to get some attention, trying to make some friends, no one took any notice cheap jerseys of them, no one turned up, there was no incident but they both got prison sentences too!.

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I suppose one would think having three dogs in the house is enough, but the dogs actually came later. Felix was first, arriving as an itty bitty kitten in my daughter’s friends purse. I knew I was getting one of the kittens, but wanted to be ready with food and a litter box.

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We took the classic comb over, tousled it a bit, and modified it for McAvoy’s natural texture. The finish was, of course, natural looking not too business, just enough casual. If you’d like to imitate it yourself, then follow these tips from some pros across the pond London based barbers Bradley Smith of Bradley Smith Hair Heathrow and Aaron Gibson of Sharps Barber and Shop.

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