As a long-time derp-herder on bitcointalk I got invited to join the brand new #bitcointalk-staff channel.

Figured it would be the perfect place to express my bewilderment at thermos’ decision to subject the forum to US taxation, and request mods to fill 1099-MISCs, so I went right ahead and hopped in.

Wiith a little help from our friend Gregory lulz quickly ensued.

13:17 davout has joined (~davout@unaffiliated/davout)
13:17 davout: ohai
13:26 davout: so anyone actually sent the usg tax paperwork?
13:30 davout: the whole thing is utterly braindamaged
13:31 davout: why would a business that doesn’t need a bank account in the us pay taxes there?
13:35 davout: i might be wrong here but afaik thermos isn’t even a us citizen
13:38 gmaxwell: 04:26 < davout> so anyone actually sent the usg tax paperwork?
13:38 gmaxwell: sure I did, didn’t actually change anything I was doing.
13:45 davout: gmaxwell: so what? how does that make it less retarded that the forum pays tax in the us?
13:48 gmaxwell: davout: it’s not the forum paying tax. It’s the forum obeying the tax requirments for the contractors it pays.
13:48 davout: i can think of no sane reason why one would want to establish a bitcoin-only business in the us
13:49 gmaxwell: CyrusV: it keeps him from going to jail for violating the law wrt the finances.
13:49 davout: gmaxwell: how retarded is that? does one “obey tax requirements” other than by “paying tax”?
13:50 gmaxwell: davout: absolutely.  In this case the forum isn’t required to pay one cent of tax, it is just required to report to the IRS how much it paid any contractor that was paid over $600.  Unless it cannot report to the IRS (e.g. an anonymous party) in which case it may have to pay.
13:51 davout: gmaxwell: and for what reason would it have to report to the IRS?
13:51 CyrusV: gmaxwell: the forum could just as well be hosted somewhere else and registered somewhere else I guess
13:54 gmaxwell: davout: keeps the contractors/employees honest on their own taxes.
13:56 gmaxwell: davout: its just how the system works in the US for contractors.

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