X.EUR November 20th 2014 statement

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X.EUR 20/11/2014 report

Close              : 0.00314217 BTC
Close imp. EUR/BTC : 318.25 EUR/BTC
Open interest      : 1076 contracts (-374 since 23/07/2014)

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This month’s positions rollover took almost a week. Having ~75% market availability for a given month is hardly acceptable. I think there’s room for improvement.

The way the whole thing currently works is as follows :

  1. Each month, on the 15th at 12:00 UTC, all X.EUR asks are killed, and all assets are removed from all accounts, which happens automatically,
  2. Mircea Popescu sends me a signed list of the assets that belonged to each key,
  3. MP pushes a variable amount of X.EUR to my key,
  4. I deliver, if required, and push back X.EUR to the keys that previously owned them

The issue I see here, is that only the first step is automated, creating a fixed deadline at which the trading halts. But there can be no specific point at which it resumes, since the subsequent steps are all manual.

I see three ways to shorten the no-trade time span:

  • De-automate the first step,
  • Automate the three last steps,
  • Make sure all the available parties are around on the 15th at 12:00 UTC

It seems to me that the first option is the most practical one.

Another way migth be to simply never interrupt trading but change the delivery procedure, so that requesting delivery simply implies notifying me and giving me a PUSH receipt.

1 thought on “X.EUR November 20th 2014 statement

  1. jurov

    This must not be done in such haphazard fashion, when X.EUR would vanish and reappear during some 48 hour interval, that is likely to cause havoc in brokers’ databases. Currently CoinBr is automatically switching off X.EUR trading at 15th 12:00 GMT. It’s enabled later manually turn when the balance reappears.

    So, unless MPEx commits to actually providing STAT information about *all* balance updates, or above problem is solved some other way, I have to strongly disagree about this proposal. Otherwise CoinBr’d have to disable X.EUR trading completely or at least during inconveniently long interval around 15th in month.


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